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The stigma surrounding mental health is so huge, yet every single human has been affected by mental illness, whether that's through a friend or family member that has suffered or through personal struggles with mental health. The only way that the stigma can be broken is if we normalise speaking about mental health. We are facing an urgent mental health crisis and it is so crucial now, more than ever, that speaking about our mental health and how we are feeling is a part of everyday conversation. I am creating a book filled with people of all different ages, backgrounds and walks of life talking about their experiences with their mental health. I believe that by sharing our experiences and putting ourselves in the most vulnerable position we can begin to change the perception of mental health in our society today. The book will also include artwork, quotes and pieces of writing. I want the book to demonstrate and bring awareness to the fact that there are so many people who have struggled and continue to struggle with their mental health but more importantly I want the book to bring hope and comfort to those who read it. With every entry that is submitted, that is one more story to remind someone who is struggling that they aren't alone and one step closer to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. I hope you chose to be a part of this.

 Savannah Johnson🤍

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When entering your story to be featured in the book, please consider donating to the JustGiving page which is linked in the DONATE  section of the website. 

Share your experience and your struggles with your own mental health, which will then be included in 'The Semicolon Project Book'. You can share as much or as little as you would like and you do not have to include your name if you don't want to.

Things you might want to include are; if you have struggled with a specific mental illness and if so what it was, how long you struggled for and if you are still struggling, how your struggles affected your day to day life and school or work, how it affected your relationships with friends and family members and whatever else you want to include. 

Thanks for submitting!

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